I won’t ignore you, dear one.
You’ve been so good to me.
I won’t ignore your greatness,
or your sincerity.

I’ll be right there to comfort you
when you are needing care.
I won’t ignore your teardrops
or the needs you have to share.

I’ll give you all the love I have,
and then I’ll give some more.
And when you’re at your wits’ end,
I’ll run right up to your door.

I’ll trust that all things in your life
will work out over time.
And someday they will all make sense,
the hard and the sublime.

I’ve known you for so many years,
and I still know you now.
I’ve seen you grow and change and learn,
It’s you who’s taught me how

To tell the truth, to use my voice
to speak for those in need.
To share my story with the world
so others may feel freed.

You’ve taught me how to do what’s right,
how to listen to my heart.
You’ve taught me that I’m worthy
of my own love from the start.

You’ve listened and you’ve witnessed
Everything I have been through.
You’ve kept me going even when
I thought I’d lost my view.

I looked and looked for heroes
Who’d sing my song with me.
But when I stopped looking so hard,
I saw what I couldn’t see.

I saw that you were standing there,
Your arms still open wide.
You took me in for comfort.
You still stood at my side.

You never ever left me
Even when I would leave you.
You knew that I’d find you again,
So strong, so brave, so true.

You always had my back, dear one,
You stood right by my side.
Even when I couldn’t stand for myself,
You acted as my guide.

You’ve been so brave and for so long,
You’re feeling worn and old.
You’ve tried and tried, gave it your all,
felt left out in the cold.

So how could I ignore you,
After all you’ve done for me?
All those times you stood right there,
Witnessing compassionately?

I can’t ignore you, and I won’t.
I’ll be here for you now.
It’s my turn to support you,
Now I can show you how

To keep trusting that all will make
Such sense some future day.
And I will be right here with you,
the whole entire way.

I won’t ignore you, dear one,
Because you and I are one.
We’ve always been together,
We’ll be ‘til day is done.

It’s just that before recently,
I couldn’t see you there.
I looked too much around you.
I missed your faithful care.

I can’t ignore the miracle
of you and I, you see,
Because if I ignore you,
I’m only ignoring me.

And both of us so much deserve
Each other’s loving care.
We’ll be right there, together,
This filling life we’ll share.

I’m so glad you showed up inside
to teach me how to be.
I needed you so I could learn
how much I needed me.

I’m glad I took the time to seek,
to look and find you there.
It’s you who’s helped to teach me all
this life here has to share.

I know that now, together,
We’ll keep doing great things.
We’ll keep supporting each other,
through joy and suffering.

I won’t ignore you, since I know
that you are always there.
I won’t ignore you, dear one.
No other can compare.


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