Your heart knows what brings you alive.
It does.

Your heart knows what brings you alive.
It doesn’t have to be some life-changing mission to save the world.
Maybe it’s as simple as a walk in nature or a talk with someone who feels lonely.
And society may say that those things are less important than some life-changing mission to save the world.
Society would be wrong, as it often can be.
But your heart knows the truth.
Your heart knows what brings you alive.
All you have to do is get quiet and listen to it.

Your heart knows the truth of what you feel.
It does. 

Your heart knows the truth of what you feel.
Even when others try to convince you to buy into their truths.
Even when society says that you can’t do this, that you’re limited by that, that you’re a victim to this and dependent on that.
Even when society says that these certain people only act this way, and those certain people only act that way.  And if you don’t fit into those limited categories, then you’re not allowed to be different.
And even during those times when you may not want to admit the truths of what your heart really knows.
It knows.

Your heart also knows that sometimes admitting truths is really difficult.  But it keeps encouraging you, sometimes by life-altering circumstances that show up in your life, and sometimes through the simplest response or interaction with someone. 
It keeps encouraging you to tell the truth.
To tell the truth about what you feel and what it knows. 
To tell the truth, even if it’s hard.  Even if it’s scary, or feels really raw and exposed, or feels totally socially unacceptable. 
Your heart keeps encouraging you to tell the truth, because it holds your truth.
And even if you may ignore your truth at times, your heart will still unconditionally, lovingly, and without judgment, encourage you to tell your truth. 
Because your heart knows that telling your truth is one of the most liberating things you can do for yourself in your entire life.
Because once you tell your truth, you have the power to act on it and to begin to shape your life in an infinite number of ways.

Your heart wants you to tell yourself your truth, because it’s what you came here to do.  You came here to find your heart’s truth and to tell it to yourself.  You came here to discover who you really are.  And who you really are is nothing short of amazing, awe-filled, and full of potential.

So tell your truth, wondrous one.  Tell it to yourself.  And tell it to the world if you feel that you want to.  But first and no matter what, tell it to yourself.  Because your heart already knows your truth.  It’s just waiting, patiently and lovingly, for you to admit it to yourself.  It’s waiting, patiently and lovingly, to keep reminding you that your truth really isn’t so scary. 
It really isn’t so frightening, even though it may seem to be the scariest thing in the world to you.  But all it wants you to do is to admit it to yourself.  Because once you do, you can realize how not alone you are in this big world of humans with infinite experiences.  And some of those experiences may be so much like yours. 

That’s why your heart wants you to tell your truth most of all.  It wants you to connect with yourself, because you’re worth it.

No matter what society or your family or friends or anyone else may have told you, you’re worth it.  You are worth telling your heart’s truth.  It is more valuable to you than any material possession, than any experience you could ever have, and than any of the most precious jewels. 

As you tell your truth to yourself, you see it for what it really is—a perfectly-shaped seed.  And when you see this seed for what it really is, you see that it wants to grow.  It wants to grow into something so magnificent, so expansive, so simply profound, and so miraculous that you would never even believe it if you saw it now. 

Telling your truth to yourself is so vital for your most authentic experiences here on this planet.  It is so vital for the potential of your greatest and deepest healing.  And it is so vital in unearthing the wonderful seed that it is, so that it can continue to grow within your heart and expand, change and learn, love and live over time, this precious time that is your life and yours alone.

Your heart knows your truth.
It does.
And your truth might just bring you alive, in more ways than you can ever imagine. 

What does your heart want to tell you today?

Take a minute, right now while you’re here.

Take a minute, get quiet, and listen.  What does your heart want to tell you today?


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