Mirror, mirror, what do you see?
Do you see someone reflecting me back to me?

When someone does something that makes me mad or sad,
why is it so hard to let go of sometimes?
Why do I get so upset over it?
Of course, I want to think it’s just them.  They have such problems, after all!
I would never act the way they do!    
How can they be so blinded, so ignorant, so inhumane, so.....?

Mirror, mirror, what do you see?
Do you see someone reflecting me back to me?

But what if I could learn from my anger?
What if I’m angry because they did something I can’t imagine being capable of doing? 
Yet, if they did it, and they are human, that means that in theory I could do it too, because I am also human.
I may choose not to do it, yes, that’s true.  But I could.  I have the same human capabilities that they have.  And maybe if I’d walked in their life shoes, with their experiences, their thoughts, and their feelings, I very well could have done what they did. 
I can never know for sure, because I‘ll never know exactly what it’s like to be them.

And I don't have to feel that their actions are healthy. 
But can I accept the possibility that maybe if I’d had the human experiences they’d had, I could have done something like that too?
And if I can accept that possibility, that we actually have equal human capabilities to make less healthy choices, in all sorts of different ways, couldn't I reach deep into my heart and find some more compassion for them?

Mirror, mirror, what do you see?
Do you see someone reflecting me back to me?

Or what if their actions are simply a misunderstanding of love?
What if they never learned how to give and receive love in the healthiest of ways? 
And haven’t there been at least one or two times in my life where I may have had challenges in my own relationships? 
Or maybe there were times when I gave it all and still got hurt?
Maybe was that partially because I was also working on learning to give and receive love, not just to others, but to myself first and foremost. 
And maybe some of my actions were really my own misunderstandings of love as well.   

Mirror, mirror, what do you see?
Do you see someone reflecting me back to me?

If I feel ashamed of or upset with those times, maybe it’s me who needs a little more love—from my own heart. 
And if I feel like I’m my own biggest bully, beating myself up over and over in my mind for any past mistakes, maybe then it’s really me who needs a lot more of my own love!
After all, there is truly nothing more satisfying than filling my own heart up with all the love that is there for me to offer to myself.  It’s true--despite how much society tries to convince me that I can and should only try to get love from others.
I have more than enough love in my heart to nourish myself with my own kindness and compassion at any time.

Mirror, mirror, what do you see?
Do you see someone reflecting me back to me?

So maybe I can recognize that that person who’s infuriating me right now, maybe they’re more like me than I realize, after all.
Maybe their actions are calling desperately for love, in the only ways they know how, just like I’ve perhaps done at times in my own life.
And so, if that’s the case, if we are really equal on that deep level, why not let my heart soften a little? 
Why not allow in some compassion after the anger subsides? 
Is it really worth my own precious energy to continue to stay angry?
So why not express my anger in the healthiest ways I can, ways which won’t harm me or anyone or anything else?  And then why not let it be?

When I let it be, my heart has all that glorious freed space to transform into empathy and compassion for them, those who I’ve been angry with.  It also has room for all the more empathy and compassion for me.  And isn’t that such a more peaceful, relaxed way to live?

And if that’s the case, isn’t that person who’s infuriating me actually doing me a huge, huge favor?  ;) 

Mirror, mirror, what do you see?
Do you see someone reflecting me back to me?

Now, here’s an interesting prospect indeed! 
What if I’m angry with someone because I think they’re better than me?
Okay, well maybe they’re not actually better than me.  But they sure act that way.
They think they’re so smart, like they’ve got it all together.  They’re living such a great life, and they’re loving every minute of it!  How did I get so shortchanged? 
So, what can I possibly learn from them?!  They have more joy, more money, more everything than I’ll ever have! 

Mirror, mirror, what do you see?
Do you see someone reflecting me back to me?

What if there’s a really deep part of me that may struggle to admit that I could actually be shortchanging myself?
What if it’s me who’s settled for a life that I don’t really enjoy?
What if I’ve settled for a job I don’t like?  What if it’s me who feels stuck here, and that I have no hope that I could ever do anything else, especially not something that I could both enjoy and earn a living at?
What if it’s me who’s really afraid to change things in my life?
What if it’s me who’s afraid to take steps to improve my health in different ways?

What if it's me who's afraid to take risks, because I believe that somehow even worse things may happen, and I forget to focus on the good or the learning that could happen?  
What if it's me who's afraid to open to all the amazing possibilities that could be in store for me?
What if it's me who's afraid to feel big feelings and to move through them, to find compassion for others and to forgive them, and to do the same for myself?  
What if it’s me who’s afraid to allow relationships in my life to change and grow, and to potentially take different paths if it’s evident that we aren’t able to grow together anymore?
What if it's me who's afraid that I'll get to the end of my life and have a lot of regrets?

Mirror, mirror, what do you see?
Do you see someone reflecting me back to me?

And what if, in thinking about all these possibilities, it’s me—the deepest, most loving part of me—that does not want to judge myself, to beat myself up, to stay in shame, or to feel hopeless about any of these things any longer?

What if, instead, this deepest part of me, all it wants to do is to love me, to guide me into a happier life, to tell me how normal it is to be afraid to change and grow, but to reassure me that I have all the courage within the depths of my being to make steps to do so? 

And what would happen—what could happen—in my life if I started to or continued to connect with that very greatness within myself—choice after choice, hour after hour, day after day, week after week....?

Mirror, mirror, what do you see? 
Do you see someone reflecting me back to me?

So, what if that person who has such the fantastic life that I love to hate—what if that person is actually reminding me of all of the greatness and possibility and potential that reside deep within my very being?

And if that’s the case, isn’t that person really doing me a huge, huge favor?  :)  


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