‘Twas the day before Christmas
and all through the town,
people were scurrying
up hills and back down.

Through houses and porches,
they ran all around,
Baking and wrapping,
Gifts yet to be found.

Finishing tasks up
for the day yet ahead,
They couldn’t be bothered.
So much in their head.

Their phones and devices
came with them indeed,
So certain they’d miss out
on that crawling newsfeed.

So wanting to finish
all stuff on their list,
they worked as in frenzy.
Time couldn’t be missed.

They simply just wanted
to prove to themselves
that they had it all covered,
these frenzied, worn elves.

But if it felt crazy,
and stressful and rough,
they may have forgotten
more than just more stuff.

If Christmas is stressful,
it need not be so,
For love is the message,
Found deep in the snow.

And love means that we can
So know our own worth!
Our value, our meaning,
Inherent from birth!

No matter who’s told us
that we have much to prove,
or that we’re not valued,
It’s now time to move

to knowing that WE are love
just as we are.
We always were born with it
We ARE the star.

WE are the brightness
which can shine near and far.
WE have love within us,
It’s love who we are.

Gifts may help show love,
But when all’s said and done,
What’s really important
Is to know we are one.

We’re one with those loved ones,
And our enemies too.
We’re one with those who we
remove from our view.

And when we deny that
oneness in these ways,
We’re refusing to believe
In our OWN love that stays.

Our own love stays with us
from beginning to end.
It’s never too late to
let IT be our friend.

For when we acknowledge
Our greatness inside,
There’s no need for frazzled
Christmases to abide. 

We know we’re enough
And we always will be.
We always have been, too—
We just couldn’t see

How precious our one life,
This one heart is so,
That we’d spend our lives
with it, just trying to know

Our goodness within us,
Our one deep true love.
It’s always inside us,
Peaceful as a dove.

It tells us that we have
to prove nothing more.
No matter what gifts
we can find at a store.

And when we abide in
our love, true and dear,
We find peace that’s lasting,
Year after blessed year.

We know that even when
life sometimes gets rough,
Our true essences still stays.
It’s more than enough.

Lights!  Shine, now, and sparkle!
On trees far and wide!
And within hearts forever—
That’s truly what’s inside! 

For when we see wonder
in the lights on our tree,
It’s simply reflective
of our own light, you see.

Our darkness exists,
but our light can shine through.
Can brighten the whole world,
or simply a few.

A few may be those who
our light helps today.
Light doesn’t count numbers—
It just lights a way.

So when bedtime comes by,
and we turn out the light,
It stays bright and burning
for all in its sight. 

On Christmas and all days,
our blessings abound.
For even when we feel empty,
Our own love can be found. 

To come back to our center!
To know our own light!
Each blessed day’s so much like
this Christmas Eve night.

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