Some see a possible terrorist.
I see a human being.

Some see that human being’s potential for evil.
I see that human being’s potential for evil too.
But I also see that human being’s potential for goodness.

Some see a “fat” person, or a “dirty” person, or a “weird” person
or they pick another word to judge.
I see a human being with many, many stories that I will probably never know.
And maybe, just maybe, that human being will save my life some day.

Some see anyone different from them as a potential threat.
I see the grip of fear that has overtaken these “some.”
I see the possibility of all the times they’ve not been loved well,
cared for kindly, or all the many setbacks they must have not known how to face
in order for them to come to see anyone different from them as a potential threat.
And I see their potential for love.
It’s buried so deep within them that they have forgotten.
But I see it anyway.

Some see a person with road rage as someone who can piss them off.
I see a person who maybe just lost their job,
or who maybe is going through a divorce,
or who maybe has felt controlled all of their lives
and has not learned or has ever seen modeled healthy ways to manage their emotions.
Sometimes I get pissed off too, momentarily.
But then I remember these things.
And then I send love.

Some see a racist person as “awful,” “mean,” “cruel.”
I see that sometimes too.
But I also see a racist person as someone who is probably only acting in ways that have been passed down for generations, or ways that they have learned from others in society.
And so I send compassion.

Some saw a woman who was saintly, kind, generous, ultra religious.
I saw a mother who was those things too.
But I also saw a mother who was addicted to her beliefs in more of a destructive way,
because she was filled with wrenching, secret pain
that she never showed to anyone but me.
Maybe that’s why I see people so differently than they see others
or than they see themselves.
Because I was blessed to see two opposite sides of the same person.

Some see trying something new as scary,
especially if no one else around them that they know of is trying it.
I see trying something new as scary too.
But I also often see its potential
to help me, and in turn, to help others around me.

Some see doing “girly” things as wrong if you are a man,
and “boyish” things as wrong if you are a woman.
I see these labels as silly.
I see that everyone has both masculine and feminine traits,
and that they can be healthily integrated.
But I also understand the fear of the parts of oneself a person must have
in order to keep perpetuating those ideas.

Some see it essential to follow the authoritative voices in society,
those who seem to be “experts” at religion, at medicine, at culture, at entertainment, at anything.
I see it essential to question authority,
because when I grew up, the authority of my mother was very confusing, often not healthy, and generally contrary to what I felt in my heart to be true.
So questioning is second nature to me,
no matter what society or the "experts" say.

Some see the importance of talking about people.
I see the importance of talking about ideas,
and then acting on the ones that are actually healthy.

Some see confusion in where to turn for authority.
I see confusion too, sometimes.
So I research, read, and research some more.
And then I turn to my heart.
It always knows the best answer.
And if it ever feels that my heart is wrong,
later on I will be able to see that it was simply leading me to the next step I needed to take on the path.

Some see a world in which they will never “get ahead,”
a world which in which they will need to be terrified for the rest of their lives
that evil will win out,
a world in which they will have to shut everyone out around them,
or kill them, perhaps,
so that no love can ever enter their hearts ever again.
I see a world with great suffering too, but also great hope.
I see that most people act in generally good, kind ways,
and those who don’t just haven’t had any better models
or have lost hope in their own world.

Some see that they are separate from goodness, from connection, from joy, and from love.
I understand, because I have felt that way myself many times.
But then I remember that my heart tells me that everyone is connected,
that everyone is worthy of love, no matter what their actions,
and that everyone has not only goodness but universes of forces of untapped brilliant and bright potential within themselves, just waiting to be tapped.
To me, tapping that potential is much more profitable than any oil rig ever will be.
And that is why I continue to believe in so many people so much more
than they may ever choose, or understand how, to believe in themselves.

Some see the goodness within themselves and deny their capacity for evil.
Some see the evil within themselves and deny their capacity for goodness
and their worthiness of their own love.
I see that we each have both,
and whatever we focus the most of our energy on
is bound to expand.

Some may even see me as so much different from them.
But I see myself as so much the same.
Because I am capable of every human thought and emotion that they are capable of.
And I am capable of all of the love they are capable of as well.

I am no different, even if I may see things differently than some see.
Because there may come a time when they do see those things,
or other things that may help them along on their own paths of life.
And I see that the healing of our world necessitates all of us to become healthier versions
of ourselves,
each and every day.
Not only physically healthy so that we can help with this world’s healing.
But emotionally healthy too, so that we don’t perpetuate fear and destruction.
And mentally healthy, so that we can channel out all of the fearful energy around us all of the time,
and dwell on the truth of the love which we are.

I know that if I am capable of committing to this path, to this way of seeing,
this way of believing in the goodness of myself and of humanity,
after all the pain I have endured in my own life,
then anyone is.
Therefore, the hope I have for this world
truly makes my heart burst.
And once again, I choose, moment by moment, to focus on that.

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