Sometimes things happen in life,
some days, weeks, months, even years,
and you feel so broken that you don’t know how
you’re going to make it through.

Maybe you lost a lot—people, places, groups, things.
Maybe the grief became so hard to bear.
Maybe you were knocked flat on your back by an experience you totally didn’t see coming.
And maybe the wind was really knocked right out of you.

Maybe something happened, and you feel like you screwed up for the millionth time.
You gave them 500,000 chances when you should have stopped at 10.
You acted from an unaware space, trying so hard to heal a past wound.
You brought them into your wound space in the process.

Maybe you thought you had to do life all alone and refused help.
Or, maybe you thought you didn’t have to do it all alone and were unpleasantly surprised
when you felt abandoned, betrayed, neglected, cast out, left out, hurt, or shattered.

Maybe you made one too many sacrifices and felt unappreciated.
Maybe you tried to be brave one too many times and felt worn, old, exhausted.
Maybe you tried to share yourself with others and felt totally ignored.

And maybe you didn’t know what to do with all of those beautiful dreams
that sat powerfully and patiently on the shelf, a little dusty now, waiting for that “right time.”

So after all of that, you looked up high and you looked down deep,
high and deep into your heartspace,
and you saw that you were hanging by a string.
Barely holding on.

But the deeper you examined that string, the more you realized something very interesting.
For every wrenching and painful feeling you felt, the string grew stronger.

When you let yourself feel the betrayal, the string grew stronger.
When you let yourself feel the abandonment, the string grew stronger.
When you let yourself feel the disillusionment, the heartbreak, all the grief,
the string grew stronger.

It grew even stronger when you let yourself feel the hatred against yourself.
It grew stronger when you let yourself feel the ostracism, the loneliness, the silence, the neglect.

It grew stronger when you let yourself feel the fear of uncertainty, of not knowing where life was taking you next, or where you may be taking it.

It grew stronger when you let yourself feel the complete uncomfortability
of wondering if what you said, what you did, and who you were even mattered.
And it grew stronger when you let yourself feel the exhaustion of always trying to be so brave.

And as this string kept growing stronger, you noticed something even more interesting.
Through all that strength from all that hardship, there formed a rope.
And that rope was stronger than diamonds.

As you examined that rope, you couldn’t believe your eyes.

Because that rope was made of the betrayal you felt, yet it was also made of trust.

That rope was made of all the rejection, all the loneliness, all the silence, the abandonment, and the heartbreak you felt.  But it was also made of belonging, connection, and worthiness of love.

That rope was made out of bad boundaries and attempts to heal past gaping wounds, 
yet it was also made of priceless, valuable, and soul-growing lessons.

You couldn’t understand how all those beautiful things got wound into a rope filled with so much pain.

But soon, you realized all the beauty that was left within you every time you felt broken.  That’s what got woven into your rope, along with everything else.  And it all came together to form a rope that was stronger than diamonds.

So, after all that time you spent hanging by a string,
after all those wrenching feelings you felt because of all those experiences you had,
now you realized you had indeed made your own lifeline.

And as you began to pull yourself up by it, little by little, a light shone in the darkness, illuminating your way.

And soon, you realized that, much to your great astonishment, the light you saw was your own brilliant, amazing, strong, powerful, radiant, miraculous self, just waiting to pull you up once again.  


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