Do you ever wonder about life?


Do you find yourself getting caught up in day-to-day routines, yet you’re still curious if there’s something more? 


Does your life sometimes seem to be spinning past you at warp speed, with you standing on the sidelines watching it go by? 



When you look at your life, do you find that you can be grateful for so many things, yet you still wonder sometimes about choices you’ve made or experiences you’ve had? 


Maybe you wonder too, sometimes, why you respond to people or situations in the ways that you do.


Maybe some of these choices or responses have challenged you, and maybe you wish you better understood why you’ve made them.


So you still wonder.


How would you feel if you realized that you had more answers within your heart and mind than you ever dreamed possible? 


And what if, through uncovering these answers, you were able to find so much more peace, compassion, and freedom in your life, more than you may ever have thought possible? 


And how would you feel if there was a simple process available for you to work with, that would aid in helping you uncover those amazing answers which were totally unique to you? 


If you feel even the slightest bit curious about this process, you’re in luck.  I have created a book that will help you find your own answers and so much more!


I’ve always been a wonderer.  I’ve always been curious and wanting to learn more about my life.


But for years, I learned about my life only through my outer world. 


Like we humans often do, I learned through adopting the values of others and of society and trying to make those values my own. 


Yet, I soon came to realize that my life felt pretty out of focus! 


Do you know what it's like to walk around life feeling kind of out of focus?


It's so easy to do these days, especially with all the distractions around us.  


There is the constant presence of technology, the comings and goings of the events of our lives, and all sorts of other voices, trying to tell us who we are and what to think about ourselves and this world.


It can get really stressful and draining walking around out of focus for so long!  


I know.  I've been there.

I never expected to find some of my truest answers about myself and my life where I found them—within my own heart and mind.


I also never expected that I’d come to feel so incredibly freed by what I found, or so much more peaceful with myself and my life.


And I really couldn’t have known how truly honored and humbled I’d feel to now offer this process to you.


To put it simply, I came to a point in my life when I decided I really wanted more than just to wonder. 


I wanted more answers.  I wanted to understand myself and my life better. 


I wanted to understand maybe why I’d made certain choices in my life.  I wanted to understand why I might have encountered certain challenges within my life. 

So I began to explore my life—and also, very interestingly, my parents’ lives—in a way I’d never done before. And in doing so, I couldn’t believe what I was discovering.


I looked back at my life, and I really zoned in on where I was in my life and how I felt about some of my experiences.


I also took a much closer look at different ways that my parents had impacted me.


Some of those ways I’d loved, and others were a lot more challenging for me to understand.


Then I tried something more. I tried looking at my parents as people first, parents next. 


What I discovered truly amazed me.


I went from at times feeling anger, judgment, and blame towards my parents for different reasons and ended up with so much more empathy, compassion, and much greater understanding of my experience of them.


And the gratitude I’d already had for them and their roles in my life? That grew even greater.


Not only did this process transform the way I viewed my parents, but it completely transformed the way I viewed myself and my whole life!



I now understood so much more about my life and some of the choices I’d made.


As I was able to look at my parents in a new way, I was able to understand and be kinder to myself at a level I hadn’t known was possible.


I was also able to find such a deeper level of peace and of satisfaction with myself and my life. And I was able to own my personal power to shape the next stage of my life.


I knew in my heart that I had to share this process. I knew that if it helped me so much, it had the potential to help you.


I hesitated a bit at first, though. It really wasn’t reinventing the wheel.


Seriously—all I’d done was look at myself and my parents with this different perspective. But yet, it had affected me that much, in such a transformative and positive manner!


I couldn’t just let it sit in my head any longer. I knew that you were also just as deserving to let this process give you a fresh perspective of your life.


I knew that if you came to this process with an open heart and mind as I’d had, you also would have unlimited potential to grow in your own deeper levels of empathy and compassion. 


And I knew that the discoveries you could make might also guide you and inspire you to shape your life for the better as well.


That’s why I’m so humbled and honored to offer you this process and to guide you through it here in my first book.

It’s called “All About Me:  A Journey for Self-Reflection.”


I’m not going to fool you.  There’s a lot to this book! 


I want you to know that I deeply honor your openness and curiosity about this process. That said, I also don’t want you to feel that I’m taking advantage of either of those with the expansiveness of what’s here.


That’s why I want you to understand that although it may appear simple, this material is packed to the brim, waiting for you to open to your own personal insights.


However, this is not by any means a book you need to rush through. In fact, I encourage you to see it as just the opposite.


There is not and never will be a deadline attached to exploring your journey through All About Me.


I truly hope that you’ll take time and care with it. There is no way you can do it wrong.


In order to help you make the most out of this process, I’ve lovingly created a diverse assortment of statements which are left open for you to complete. I’ve worded them simply in order for you to get right to your answers.


I could tell you all about my own life experiences, or I could try to explain complex theories to you with the hope of guiding you to understand yourself or others more deeply. Those two ways of learning about the world can indeed be quite valuable and helpful.  


But I wanted to give you something different.


I know that you, as a human being like me, have no doubt had your own wide variety of life experiences. And as a fellow human being, I care about you as a person—one human to another.


I also trust in your humanity as I trust in my own. That’s why I wanted to give you the reins and support you as you take a closer look at parts of your own experience.


In All About Me, you will be invited to open your mind and heart as you complete statements that take you back to your childhood and through different parts of your past as well as your present life and experiences. 


You will be invited to keep exploring as you complete statements about your parents and your personal experience of them. 


Lastly, you’ll be invited to take another look at your potential by completing statements about your dreams, your gifts, and your hopes for your future. 


Along with the statements for you to complete, there are a few pauses for guided reflection during this journey. 


These guided reflections are where I include some of my own insights, loving encouragement, and empathy that is intended to help you even more through this amazing process.


All About Me is truly a book made for you to actively participate in.  It is personalized by you, through whatever ways you may answer its statements and through whatever you may receive from its loving guidance along the way. 


The reason it’s called “All About Me” is because I want you to take ownership of the book and of the process within its pages. 

I want you to take ownership of your story. 


I want you to know that over time, no matter what challenges you may have faced, you have the capability to see your life in a new way, right now as it is and has been. 

You have the capability to come to peace with all of your life, and you have the capability to accept what has been and make changes in what can be. 


You have the capability to say, “Yes, this has been my story.  This has been my journey, with all of its twists and turns.  And now, this can be my greater understanding and my peace with my story.  This can also be my potential going forward.”  


All I ask is that you give honest answers to the statements. There are no right or wrong answers to any of the statements in this book. There are no better or worse answers. There are only the answers that come to you as you read each statement.


As you fill in the statements, give yourself the gift of trust, knowing that whatever you answer will serve you during the process.


A quick but important heads-up:  Along your way, you may find that some of your answers to these statements may make you uncomfortable.  They may invite you to take fresh looks at feelings and thoughts that may challenge you or which you may have pushed aside. 


I fully believe that feeling uncomfortable during this process can be exactly what may allow you to shift your thoughts and feelings in amazing ways. 


However, you have to be willing to experience potentially feeling uncomfortable temporarily as you explore yourself, your parents, and your life in this very personal and reflective way. 


Being honest with ourselves, our journeys, and our feelings is something that not everyone feels that they can do. 


If you don’t feel that you are able to be honest with yourself and your feelings, or if you’re not okay with the idea of maybe feeling uncomfortable during parts of this process, that’s completely fine and very understandable. 


I want you to know that you are totally loved and accepted no matter what you may feel. 


However, the process in All About Me may not be one that you will find beneficial or necessary for your life.  If that’s the case, please know that I fully appreciate the time you’ve taken to consider this process even if you’ve decided it may not be for you, and that if you don’t feel it’s for you, that’s completely okay. 


If you’re curious about discovering more about yourself, your past, your present, and potentially shaping your future,

and if you’re open to being honest with yourself about all of your feelings and discoveries so that you may gain greater understanding and peace within your heart,

I invite you along on your own personal journey of discovery.  I’m honored to be your guide.


I discovered that there was so much more to my life than what I thought there was. I also realized that I had a lot more of my own answers than I ever thought I did. I was so right to wonder, and I was so right to seek answers, not only in the outside world, but also deep within myself.


And you are so right to do so too.


In this world where we often focus on everything around us and outside of us, All About Me is a breath of fresh, clean air, ready to give respite and clearer focus in the midst of constant distraction. 


All About Me aims to help you open to one of the most amazing resources you are automatically connected to but may find yourself at times disconnected from—yourself. 


If you’re wondering why you may not yet have discovered this amazing ocean of resources, take one more look at everything around you that distracts you from your focus.  Then take a deep breath of the fresh, clean air that awaits you in these pages.  The ticket for this journey has your name on it.  It’s up to you to take it. 


Are you ready?  Then jump on board!   

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