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Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here.  My name is Francine Brocious, and I’m here to help you open to deep peace through understanding.

My ultimate goal is to guide you to shine light on influences, feelings, and thoughts that play a really big role in your life.  They play such a big role, in fact, that you may not often stop to reflect on them.

You may notice from time to time that the world in which we currently live is very noisy.  By “noisy,” I mean not just literally, although there is certainly plenty of that!  I also mean that our world is full of distractions.  From the constant stream of information at our fingertips, from social media and more, to all of the activities which take up our modern lives, it can be really hard to take our focus away from the outside world and tune in to our inner world.  

I’ve spent a lot of time in my own inner world throughout my life, and after a particularly challenging period of experiences, I really decided to tune in even deeper.     

I’ve always been an observer of this thing we call life.  I’ve been an active and a passive participant in it as well, but always an observer.  I love to observe how we humans act in this world.  I love to understand possibilities for why we act in ways that we do.  I love to question the status quo.  And I love, love, love to ask “why.”    

During my years so far on this earth, I’ve had quite the treasure box full of life experiences.  I’ve also come to better balance walking the fine line between observing and reflecting on life and being an active, very human participant in it.  And I’m here to offer my observer eyes to help you in your own life.

I’ve come to understand how important it has been for me to tune into my own self, quiet my mind and heart, and listen.  I’ve also spent countless hours reading and learning even more about how we humans often operate in this world, and what influences may prompt us to do so.  Tuning in deeper to myself helped me uncover and explore this great interest.  Now, my interest has turned into a passion for sharing what I've learned in order to help foster greater peace, understanding, empathy, compassion, and healing in this world.   

Tuning into my inner self has helped me find such deep understanding of myself and my life, from everything that has happened in my past, all the way into my biggest dreams for my future.  Most of all, tuning in has brought me great peace, healing, transformation, compassion, and joy. 

With so many distractions and so much suffering and unrest in today’s world, I’ve come to believe that tuning into our own inner selves is essential for each of us if we truly desire to live from all the fullness of who we really are as amazing human beings.  I believe with my whole mind and heart that we are each here for many reasons, and we each have great things to offer in our own unique ways.

I’ve also come to understand how scary it can be for us to tune in.  Yes, it can be scary, but often much fear is lifted simply when we know we’re not the only ones tuning in.  And that is where you come in. 

I’d be honored to be a guide on your journey in this big world.  I’d love to have the privilege to help you understand yourself in a greater and deeply expanded way.  I’ve spent countless time observing and learning about us humans and our common yet unique ways of being.  I’d love to share with you reflective ways to help you tune into your own inner self and understand your own life better. 

Here’s a quick analogy.  Your inner self is like a wondrous garden.  Only you can access this garden and explore it completely, but at the same time, you feel lovingly assisted along your way.  Your garden is personal just to you, but it is similar because it is a garden like those of others around you.  We each have our own gardens, yet they are all full of universal human experiences.  You know that you are not alone, even though you may feel alone at times.  But others are also exploring their own gardens, and you can share stories.    

The path in your garden is not a linear climb up an ivy wall.  There is no ending point.  You have no one to compete with, and you can’t traverse it wrong.  Your garden opens to a lifelong journey of amazing discoveries awaiting you along your path.  The path in your garden is winding and full of twists and turns, but you find so much beauty along the way. 

Sometimes you come across piles of muddy ground in your garden.  But when you begin to dig through the mud a bit, you often start to uncover the greatest of treasures.  At first, they may look absolutely nothing like treasures.  They're dirty, clouded, and caked with mud.  But you realize that once you start cleaning them off and examining them closely, they are indeed quite beautiful, rare, and priceless.  You take these priceless treasures with you as you continue to explore your garden.  And on you go, continuing on your path, now with the added wonder and enrichment of those treasures that were always there but which you hadn’t known were available to you, just waiting to be discovered.

If you resonate with anything I’ve said, I’d be honored to help guide you on your own garden’s path, and I’d love to stay in touch with you.  Feel free to sign up for my free guiding reflections here. 

Get FREE reflections to guide you in greater understanding, peace, empathy, compassion, and love!

You’ll find my reflections about everything from pain to joy, from outward influences and actions to inner thoughts and feelings, and everything in between.  And I’ll give you practical steps you can take in order to tune in more deeply to the vast expansiveness of your own inner being and open to greater peace through understanding your own self and your own life in a deeper way. 

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to spend with me today.  Whether or not you resonate with my voice or explore my guiding reflections, I wish to leave you with this knowing today. 

Know that I believe that you are an amazing being and that you matter in this world.  Know that I believe you are wonderful just as you are, and that you also have immense potential, as we all do, to continue growing and expanding in extraordinary ways. 

Know that I believe that you are here for many reasons and that you have a heart filled with never-ending love inside.  And know that no matter what you’ve been through, you can find treasures in the mud, and joy after pain. 

I’ve walked into and dug through a lot of mud in my own garden, and I’ve found a lot of treasures.  Maybe you’ve even done some of the same.  And many of your fellow humans right now on this planet and throughout history have also done it too.  If we’ve done it, I believe that you are equally as amazing and can keep discovering great treasures and more beauty and understanding on your path through your own garden.  I’m honored and humbled to offer my assistance to you in that process, in the best ways I know how.  And I’m committed to continuing to travel my own path, finding and learning from more of my own treasures, and using them in even greater ways to guide you along yours.  For I fully believe that when one of us learns, all of us can learn and benefit.  The choice is up to each one of us.

With great universal human love,



Professional Bio

Francine Brocious carries in her heart the lighthearted curiosity of a child coupled with the reflective nature possible in someone with life experiences beyond her years.  After a major life-shifting event in a life already filled with great challenge, she devoted herself to a personal in-depth study of psychology and spirituality in order to better understand the often unspoken dynamics of her family as well as the depth of her own spirit.

Francine’s interests are widely varied.  Besides reading, researching, and incessantly questioning and wondering, she enjoys classical singing, learning about languages, health and well-being, travel, art, world cultures, photography, and nature.  Reflective writing helps her understand herself, and she finds great joy in sharing abundant ideas for inner transformation and growth.  She is passionate about opening doors through education, especially through lifelong learning and personal reflection.  Her first book, "All About Me:  A Journey for Self-Reflection," was published in 2015 by Balboa Press.